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Bobo Biscuits – Pet Treats – 4 Pack (40mg)


Bobo Biscuits Pet Treats are natural products supplemented with CBD.  Each package has 4 pieces with 10mg CBD in each piece for a total of 40mg CBD.

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Driftwood White Chocolate Strawberry Square – 100mg CBD


White Chocolate Strawberry Squares

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Raindrop – Fruit Gummies Assorted Flavor 5 Pack – 125mg CBD


Raindrop CBD Gummies are the best flavored hemp gummies available in an assorted pack blend of Green Apple, Lemon Lime, Mango, Mixed Berry, Watermelon flavors.

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Gecko CBD – Hemp Oil 2500mg


Gecko CBD Hemp Oil is made with American grown and processed Hemp extract and all natural ingredients combined with MCT oil.

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